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Mobile: +6 012 286 8336 (Ms. Rebecca)

AMTCT does not have a fixed operation hour.
Please call for an appointment if you like to come for a healing session, attend our meditation classes, or simply just come and find out how AMTCT’s services/courses can help you.Please call us before visiting our center and we will try our best to accommodate your time.

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All Mystica Transforma Chi Tao (AMTCT) is dedicated to educate, integrate and explore complementary and natural healing practices in the context of training, research and development.


At AMTCT, intellectual pursuits are interwoven with experiential learning with an emphasis on personal growth, healing and conscious living. Anyone is welcome to AMTCT to experience the intriguing world of paranormal studies. We offer ongoing support in sustaining and further developing these skills in your normal daily lives.

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Integrated Wellness Valley (IWV) Project

IWV : A 5H Community Holistic Solution

Hope for a Home with Healthy people living in Harmony via the Holistic way!

Vision : To become a place where natural health and holistic wellbeing can be re-introduced to the public.
Mission : To promote a sustainable and healthy lifestyle via the holistic programs in nature for people to regain their physical and spiritual health.

Interested to be part of this social initiative? Learn more about IWV

Our IWV Volunteers work only during the weekends of each month. These volunteers are professionals and business owners, from various fields, who have worked tirelessly for IWV project.

To be updated….

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