Understanding and helping autistic children from energy perspective

“Power follow thoughts, and thoughts become things”~~ Master Richard Yap

On 29th and 30th March 2018, Master Richard Yap and Shihan Lim SC brought the science of a “new perspective” to the “AUTISM – Learning Difficulties and Development Disabilities” international conference held in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The conference were attended by more than 80 doctors, scientists, molecular biologist, experts in genetic and stem cell research, and those specialized in autistic care and child development.

Two leading speakers from AMTCT presented at the convention. On 29th March, Master Richard Yap shared his views on energy works and how the energy of just a simple thought from one person would affect another. The conference participants were also able to experience first hand how by simple wave of the healer’s hand for few seconds, their pain either subsided or disappeared completely.

Abstract of speech by Shihan Lim

On the second day of the conference, Shihan Lim presented a topic on the science of human bio field research, as well as findings on the bio field and chakras conditions of autistic children. Findings of how energy healing helps to balance such conditions was also shared. Shihan Lim highlighted the condition of ASD children’s auric field and how by balancing their chakras can help stabilize their conditions.
The presentations brought a new light to the conventional understanding of autistic spectrum disorders that studies bridging conventional treatment, energy healing, as well as vibrational medicine would not be far away.
Together in the conference were world renowned stem cell expert Dr Kampon sharing his research on stem cell therapy help down syndrome and ASD at genetic level.  AMTCT has been working closely with Dr Kampon on stem cell and eFusion combine therapy in the past two years and seen positive results. There were also doctors and scientists sharing their studies on ASD children during the conference, as well as experts on ASD care and development sharing the techniques employed in behavioural development of the children. Seeing how natural resources and animals were used in helping the ASD children develop their coordination skills were enlightening.

A few AMTCT therapists were also present during the conference giving participants a first hand experience with eFusion healing. Response from the conference participants were positively overwhelming. They were able to see with their own eyes what happen to their energy field and chakras before and after healing.
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Dr. Rebecca Then is a certified Reiki Master under the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Natural System of Healing, Japan, a certified trainer for e-Fusion Natural Healing System, co-founder of Energy FengShui and a clinical hypnotherapist. Since discovering the natural modality towards physical and emotional wellness from various schools in 2005, she had devoted her time and knowledge providing natural therapy to the ill and needy. Over the years she had helped countless people who had been suffering from all types of illnesses from stress disorder to cancer, alleviating their stress, pain and discomfort through energy healing and hypnotherapy.

She is also an active humanitarian worker, actively in organizing aids to the underprivileged and free natural healing therapy sessions throughout Malaysia. She frequently conducts charity workshops in Malaysia and Thailand, where all the profit from theses workshops are being donated to the local charity organizations.
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