Mdm. Zainab (2003)

“I was so surprised that not a mark of injury was found on her”- Mdm. Zainab (Age: 50+)

I learn Kriya Payattu in order to protect myself and my family from all forms of harm. At first I was just a half hearted believer as nothing much ever happens in my life but since a friend sponsored me to take up the workshop, I had no choice but to attend it. I had to practice the stipulated time of 30 days in order to familiarize myself. In between that 30 days period, I often transfer my shield to my only daughter who uses the town bus to go to school. One day after returning home from school, she told me that she met with an accident. She was standing at the staircase of the bus when the bus stops abruptly. She fell face forward onto the metal stairs. I asked her if she was hurt or was in pain and she told me no. I was so surprised that not a mark of injury was found on her. I am now a true believer and practitioner of Kriya Payattu.


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