Reiki Healing Course (Level 1) – 3&4 September, 2017 – Perth, Australia

Have you ever heard people saying, “When the master is ready, the student will appear”? And some said, “When the student is ready, the master will appear”!

Class in progress with O-Sensei Envelyn

Envelyn and I believe that both statements are true. When both the students and masters are ready, the class will just set itself in place, just like what happened on 3rd September, a very special day for both of us!

Students performing Reiki energy healing

We started our first AMTCT Reiki Healing Course in Perth, Australia. Throughout the class, the students were keen to learn and express themselves. They also tried their very best to grasp the techniques that were taught such as scanning of energy bodies and chakras. In a friendly atmosphere, the whole session was lively and full of laughter. Everyone seemed to enjoy every bit of time spent together along with learning various aspects of the course.
We would like to thank the students for this wonderful experience and once again congratulations to Mana, Saiyumi, Kumiko and Yuki. The AMTCT family wishes them all the best in their path as Reiki practitioner.

Grounding lessons!

Profile photo of Derrick Chai

Derrick Chai

Sensei Derrick Chai is a certified Reiki Master under the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Natural System of Healing (Japan) also an IT Professional with 15 years of experience in various roles. He is currently based in Perth, Australia.
Profile photo of Derrick Chai

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