e-Fusion Natural Healing System

The Synthesis of Energy Healing

e-Fusion Natural Healing is an unique energy healing modality developed by Prof. Richard Yap in 2003. It is an easy to learn and powerful healing art synthesized from various energy healing techniques.

Everything is vibration. Be it success, failure, comfort, pain, are all energy vibration. In AMTCT we continuously study these vibrations created by human being and all other living objects in our living environment. By changing the vibration and tapping into higher frequency or positive vibration, you are able to change the outcome of the physic/events/results.

Benefits of eFusion:
  • Healing is fast and effective. Quite often, pain can be alleviated just by application of the cleansing methods alone.
  • Easy to learn and not bound to any religious or belief systems.
  • Includes techniques to enhance your own energy.
  • Healing can be performed with bare hands.
  • You can relieve the pain and suffering of your loved ones while waiting to see doctor or going to hospital.

In Basic Level workshop, you will:
  • Learn the principles of energy healing.
  • Understand our electromagnetic field (more commonly known as Aura) and chakras.
  • Understand the energies of a person and how they relate to our body, mind and emotions.
  • Learn techniques to identify problem areas within a person’s energy system and how to alleviate them.
  • Learn self-healing and to heal your friends or loved ones.
  • Learn distant healing (doing healing for people who are physically far away from you)
  • Learn how to safely project energy to strengthen a person.
  • Learn how to identify a person’s characteristic through their aura.
  • Learn how to cleanse or energize your foods or drinks energetically.
  • And much more……

In Intermediate Level, not only will you learn more in-depth skills, you will also:
  • Learn how to utilize healing crystals as additional tool to enhance the healing potential.
  • Learn How to use specific colour energy for more effective and efficient healing.
  • Get a deeper understanding of human chakra system.
  • And much much more….

Pre-requisite: Must be above 18 years old.
Duration: 2 days per level

Contact us if you would like to enquire or sign-up for our workshops! (Please register first to avail the latest updates and be part of the community!)

Mobile: +6 012 286 8336 (Ms. Rebecca)

AMTCT does not have a fixed operation hour.
Please call for an appointment if you like to come for a healing session, attend our workshops or simply just come and find out how AMTCT’s services/courses can help you.Please call us before visiting our center and we will try our best to accommodate your time.


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