e-Fusion Kriya Payattu (Psychic Self Defense)

The Ultimate Awakening


Do you know whether you are under psychic attack? Learn the techniques of protection.

  • Have you ever had these fears of being mugged, robbed, raped, kidnapped and harassed wherever you go?
  • Have you ever feared of being charmed or programmed by an occultist, black magicians or any original thinker?
  • Have you come across where an unprovoked action leads to an outburst of emotions and physical attack?
  • In addition, you keep meeting the wrong type of people, be it in business or relationships.
  • Have you ever worried for your loved ones when they’re away from home?
  • Or when you go on a vacation, whether you’ll arrive safely at the destination?
Psychic attack is the assault upon your aura, without your conscious permission, by another person, place, event, thing or group. It may or may not be conscious or “on purpose” and are capable of transmitting dangerous amounts of negative energy from mind to mind.
You may be thinking “why do I need to protect myself? And do such things really exist?” The answer to that question is a big YES, and the symptoms of psychic attack are quite often put down to other things. If not properly protected, we could be affected Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally and Physically.
Warning signs of psychic attack:
  • Constantly tired, fatigue.
  • Nightmares.
  • Unexplainable stress.
  • Little ailments that don’t seem to get any better.
  • Fear or depression for no apparent reason.
  • Unexplainable runs of “bad luck”.
Psychic Self Defense is not a matter of burdensome armor or the constant exercise of counter-measures. It is not walking in the constant fear of attack, suspecting a lurker at every threshold. Rather it is a matter of strength, of confidence, of success and fulfillment coming to you through the employment of some simple and perfectly natural psychic techniques.
Just like normal martial arts, PSYCHIC SELF DEFENSE protects you and even eliminates the threat from ever occurring in the first place. This course will teach you scientific ways of utilizing Energies in different dimensions to properly protect yourself, your belongings, surroundings and loved ones.

Course Outline
  • Understand how psychic attacks are launched and protect yourself to prevent intrusions.
  • Shielding your personal belongings -including your financial assets!
  • Remedies – What to do if the attack has already penetrated your energy fields; learn special extraction techniques to remove them.
  • Learn critical things that can weaken a shield and how to guard against them.
  • Protect your business and finances from envious competitors and their negative vibes.
  • Safeguard your children’s precious and innocent consciousness from preying entities of drugs and negative programming from peers.
  • Scan the strength and integrity of your shields. Don’t just assume, BE CERTAIN!
  • Experience inner peace and calmness in the midst of a chaotic work or home environment.
  • Stop psychic vampires from draining your precious life force – it could be a cause of insomnia.
  • Learn why improper shielding could cause a person to think he/she is under psychic attack by nobody else but themselves.
  • Learn what causes “bad luck” and change it to GOOD FORTUNE!

Duration: 2 days

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