Energy FengShui Consultation

Energy FengShui Consultation

Energy Architecture for your home / business

FengShui is about balance. It is about the flow of Qi (energy) within and around the house.
Classical Feng Shui schools of Suan Kong and Pa Zai incorporated with energy works makes AMTCT’s EnergyFengShui services unique and effective.
At AMTCT, we incorporate our understanding of energy works with the traditional feng shui theories in achieving an all rounded balancing of the energies of a place. By sensing, feeling and seeing subtle energy, our customers are able to feel it personally, immediately, whether the remedy given is suitable for their well being.

What is Feng Shui?

The term “feng shui” literally translates as “wind-water” in English. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics believed to use the laws of both Heaven (astronomy) and Earth (geography) to help one improve life by receiving positive Qi.
Traditionally, feng shui can be categorized into a few “schools” depending on the methods they used.
Xingshi Pai (“Forms” methods) study the environment, formation of property and its surrounding.
Liqi Pai (“Compass” methods) study the time and direction relationship using a compass.
Traditional feng shui methods are also frequently being mixed with religious beliefs and rituals, Chinese traditions and cultural practices. That is understandable due to the cultural background of where the art was originated and the religious beliefs of those who practices it.

What is EnergyFengShui?

EnergyFengShui is a knowledge on energy architecture where the energy of the place is analyzed from a neutral ground without any distortion from culture and religious beliefs.
Traditional feng shui analyzes the environment base on principles and theories. What is lacking in traditional feng shui is the study of actual flow and quality of Qi in the environment. This is a very important element in ancient feng shui practices, however, it is said that this art has been lost due to its stringent requirement in the practitioner’s practice and cultivation.
EnergyFengShui is said to be a “Clairvoyant and Clairsentient way of environmental energy balancing”. The practitioner studies the building with reference to traditional principles and theories, but with more emphasis placed on the observation of subtle energy inside and outside the building.

Why is the flow and quality of energy so important?

Research during the last few decades has shown that energy is constantly flowing on, under and over the earth and is affecting the inhabitants on it. The quality and flow of energy surrounding us has a great influence on our health and general wellbeing. It can either enhance the inhabitants’ bio-field; or if the energy of the environment is not ideal, it weakens the inhabitant’s bio-field.
A person’s biofield is directly related to his health, luck, and stress and prosperity level.
The balance of this “web of inseparable energy patterns” with a man and the environment is what EnergyFengShui is about, helping you harness the optimum energy from your environment.
EnergyFengShui helps you to design and/or build properties which would create peace, harmony,and well-being to all individuals living/working in this environment.
Each EnergyFengShui consultation requires the practitioner to visit the said property, spend 1-2 hours there to analyze its energy flow, and a report will be given to the client for future reference.

House Energy Cleansing

Do I need cleansing only when there is disturbance in my house? Not necessary. Most houses need cleansing and some houses / business premises may need more frequent cleansing than the other.
Many people find their house/office/shop trapped with negative or stale energy, which is affecting the health and happiness of the occupants. We help our customers cleanse away negative energies from their properties, and lock in positive, harmonious and prosperous energies that will help them in achieving a better life.
How would negative or stale energy get trapped in the house? When we are stressed, angry, frustrated, frightened, or when we are fighting, arguing, gossiping, we send out vibrations of negative emotions. Words itself is energy too, hence it is called “sound wave”.
Energy cannot be destroyed. All these vibrations stays and stuck on our walls. When a sensitive person walks into a house where argument frequently takes place, the person will not feel comfortable. If a person always feels restless, sleepy, frustrated or bad moon for no apparent reason whenever they are in the house/room, there is a high possibility that there are too many negative energies left in the room.
We frequently clean the house from physical dirt, but we never clean the house from all these vibrations. In long run, these vibrations will affect us physically and emotionally.
Some of our Masters in AMTCT are trained to cleanse away all these energies for you.

Annual Energy Review

This service is only applicable to those clients who have previously seek our Energy FengShui consultation for their house or business premises.
Some people are reluctant to consult a feng shui master as they fear that it will become a yearly event. Many feng shui books write about different “Sha Qi” or “Wang Qi” in different direction and how all these Qi brings misfortune if not handled properly, or we could have become very unlucky if we missed out on the “Wang Qi” of that year. Some even talk about changing their entrance or sleeping in a different room every year in order to “tap” the good Qi.
All these are unnecessary with Energy FengShui. In Energy FengShui we only need to have the basic structure constructed in such as way that energy flows actively and smoothly around the house. One need not change direction (door and/or bedroom) in order to get the good Qi. With Energy FengShui, there are various methods that can be done to make the good Qi, even more, activated without changing the physical structure of the house.
Each Annual Energy Review is inclusive of a house energy cleansing as well as feng shui review.

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