Integrated Wellness Valley

Project History Timeline

January, 2017
Glass House Construction

Glass house being setup

It’s the brand new year! We started with constructions of Pyramid Glass House. Land clearing works continued in preparation for farming activity…

December, 2016
Second event held

Students having fun break time!

Our 2nd Annual Camp held, attended by 30 people, 2 days 1 night stay. Transporting construction materials continued. Site preparation for new long house building and glass house building started…

October, 2016
First event held

First seminar event held in IWV. It was 2 days 1 night event, attended by 20 members. Residence house building started. Transportation of construction materials continued.

November, 2016
Building development continued

First residence house completed, a 32 square feet house which can accommodate 2 person. Kitchen room enhanced and expanded, zinc roof installed. New store room installed on site.

September, 2016
New bathroom construction completed

Final touchup to the newly setup bathrooms.

5 new bathrooms were built by the end of the month.

April, 2016
Basic structure installation

Kitchen setup in progress.

Basic structures like hut and kitchen room were installed and enhanced. Land clearing works continued. New bathrooms site was determined.

February, 2016
Basic utilities installation

Temporary toilet setup complete

Land clearing works continued. Water supply and piping  successfully installed. Organic enzyme production started. Temporary toilet being setup.

October, 2015
Land exploration and clearing works

Land clearing works

Land exploration started

IWV’s land was explored and GPS tagged for landscape planning. Land clearing work started. Basic utilities such as water supply was prepared. Land clearing continued.

Integrated Wellness Valley Project

Integrated Wellness Valley (IWV) is a solution towards an eco-friendly and healthy environment whereby people can immerse in the greenery – a simple “Back to the Basic” lifestyle and natural living.

It is also a place where active therapies and health programs are offered. With a live-in program, the guests at IWV can accustom to a healthy lifestyle and apply them in life.

With the unpolluted fresh air, organic food and self-sustaining utility systems, IWV can accommodate the homeless, the poor and disabled people.

IWV is a community project by Integrated Wellness Valley Environment Fusion Association, whereby the members are volunteers working arduously and incessantly in building IWV.

To be updated shortly.

IWV Development Plan

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