My Very First Satisfying Experience in Energy Healing

It happened about 20 years ago. I was taught how to use energy to clean a person congested chakras and aura by my master teacher, Master Yap.
A man came and said he has pain in his sole when he steps on the floor. Master Yap just instructed me to perform what I had just learned minutes ago on him. I was very skeptical and very unsure of that but still, did as what he said. After a while, I ask the man how he feels, and he looked at me and said “What have you done? I am impressed! my pain is gone!”
I smiled and in my heart, I said to myself, “ok… it’s real and it works!”
That’s the beginning of my journey on energy healing!
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Dr. Kong Poei Moon has specialised in Phytobiophysics, the Mossop Philosophy and has been practicing energy healing for the past 20 years. Currently she is the Director of Phytobiophysics Sdn Bhd as well as being a certified trainer of The Institute of Phytobiophysics, UK. Phytobiophysics, founded by Prof. Diana Mossop, a philosophy using the energy aspect of flowers and plants to restore harmony of mankind on all level of consciousness. The mission of the Institute of Phytobiophysics is to bring affordable healthcare to all children of the world. Moon has been working towards this mission by organising and participating in various charity healing projects in Malaysia, Mongolia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and etc.

Apart from specialisation in Phytobiophysics Healing system, she is also a Reiki Master. Moon has been providing free healing and therapy services to the ill and needy whenever she can. Over the years she has integrated her knowledge of various healing modalities such as Phytobiophysics healing system, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Pranic healing, E-fusion, Manual Lymphatic Stimulation Therapy, Podo Rhacidian Therapy to help countless people who had been suffering from all types of illnesses from stress disorder to cancer, alleviating their stress, pain and discomfort.
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    Moon 2 years ago

    Should be 20 years ago by now ?

  2. Profile photo of AMTCT
    AMTCT 2 years ago

    Thank you!

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