e-Fusion Natural Healing (Basic Level – Mandarin) – 28&29 July, 2018 (Weekend) – Ara Damansara, Malaysia

e-Fusion Natural Healing (Basic Level – Mandarin) – 28&29 July, 2018 (Weekend) – Ara Damansara, Malaysia

“The best healing tools and machine are actually our hands” – James Oschman (Ph.D.), Energy Medicine.
e-Fusion Natural Healing is a unique energy healing modality developed by Prof. Richard Yap in 2003. It is an easy to learn and powerful healing art synthesized from various energy healing techniques. Please register as the seats are limited.

Event Description

Everything is vibration. Be it success, failure, comfort or pain, all are energy vibrations. In AMTCT, we continuously study these vibrations created by human beings and all other living objects in our living environment. By changing the vibration and tapping into higher frequency or positive vibration, you are able to change the outcome of the physical/events/results.

This two day workshop will be conducted in Mandarin

In this two-days workshop, you will learn:
  • The principles of energy healing
  • Understanding our electromagnetic field (more commonly known as Aura) and chakras.
  • Understanding the energies of a person and how they relate to our body, mind and emotions.
  • Techniques to identify problem areas within a person’s energy system and how to alleviate them.
  • Self-healing and heal your friends and loved ones.
  • Distant healing (doing healing for people who are far away)
  • How to safely project energy to strengthen a person.
  • How to identify a person’s characteristic through their aura.
  • How to cleanse or energize your foods or drinks energetically.
  • And much more……
Benefits of e-Fusion:
  • Healing is fast and effective. Very often, pain can be alleviated just by application of the cleansing methods alone.
  • Easy to learn and not bound to any religious (or belief) systems
  • Includes techniques to enhance own energy
  • Healing can be performed with bare hands
  • You can relieve the pain and suffering of your loved ones while waiting to see doctor or going to hospital
In Intermediate Level, not only will you learn more in-depth skills, you will also learn:
  • How to utilize healing crystals as additional tool to enhance the healing potential
  • How to use specific colour energy for more effective and efficient healing
  • Deeper understanding of human chakras system
  • And much much more….

Course Fee: Please contact Ms. Rebecca at +60 12 286 8336 for details. You may email us at support@amtct.org

Posts related to some of our past e-Fusion Natural Healing classes

Pre-requisite: Must be above 18 years old.

Pictures from some of our past e-Fusion Natural Healing classes

What did our students say about our previous workshops…..
  • Profile photo of Yee Hoong KiewYee Hoong Kiew on eFusion Natural Healing Workshop (20-21 May, 2017)The two days E-Fusion class went fast and exciting. Comfortable setting and communication was easy. I felt good and energetic after the session.This workshop had lots of unique information. I have learned about energy healing and how energy affects me. I learned two powerful cleansing techniques for myself and for others – only by cleansing a painful area in my body, it is enough to relieve the pain. Techniques from this workshop can be applied in day to day life. And a powerful tool to self heal and help others too. I would consciously practice cleansing for myself at least...
  • Profile photo of Dimov SvetlanaDimov Svetlana on eFusion Natural Healing Workshop (20-21 May, 2017)This workshop I have attended last week had a lot of useful information. We have learned about energy healing and how energy affects us. Information from this workshop can be applied in day to day life and if you understand how the energy works it will change your life. One thing I really liked was a very powerful cleansing technique - only by cleansing a painful area in your body it is enough to relieve the pain. A plus for the class is that you had to do a lot of practice for all the techniques being tought. I would...
  • Profile photo of NatalyaNatalya on eFusion Natural Healing Workshop (20-21 May, 2017)The two days E-Fusion class where fast and exciting. It not only refreshed my knowledge which i learned before but also expanded it as no two classes are alike.We learn to feel the energy,how it can work on a different way, change it to positive and how it can be helpful in our daily life. In this class we are learned about the world of energy by developing our abilities. While learning and practicing I noticed a positive transformation within myself and others. Everyone can benefit from attending the class, training or talking with our GM. GM`s teaching is engaging...
  • Profile photo of Pony GanPony Gan on eFusion Natural Healing Workshop (20-21 May, 2017)It was a last minute decision to join the workshop when I woke up in that particular morning. This is the first time I attended a workshop without knowing what I’m learning and getting. I only know it is about healing. Nevertheless, I had no regret for dashing out from the house to the workshop for what I’d learned during the workshop. What I like the most about this workshop is the engagement session that stimulates our mind to think and embrace what we’ve learned. It creates more learning excitement and experience for me. The next thing I like is...
  • Profile photo of Jeline YongJeline Yong on eFusion Natural Healing Workshop (20-21 May, 2017)Suffering of month that I lost myself and cannot make up my mind where should i move forward and my next direction. My lovely friend shared with me Master Yap next week have an energy healing class. I decided to join and attended. I can say this is a totally different dimension u can understand but Master prove to us. Of coz, My practise will be always test on the technique what master taught and to prove the result. Result speaks for itself. The most enlightened me is “I am the Master of my life”. It is true and I...
  • Profile photo of WONG YOK CHINWONG YOK CHIN on eFusion Natural Healing Workshop (20-21 May, 2017)This weekend workshop is the 2nd time I attended the E Fusion Workshop, the first time at a campsite and the second time at AMTCT HQ, both times conducted by GM. The workshop is conducted in an interactive environment, with practical approaches and exercises. When conducting the workshop, GM always gives personal attention to each student. Good communication between GM, seniors and all students. The workshop has further enhanced my knowledge on the proper usage of energy which I have applied to my professional as well as personal life. I would highly recommend this workshop at AMTCT. Thank you GM...
  • Profile photo of VishVish on eFusion Natural Healing Workshop (20-21 May, 2017)This was my first experience with energy healing and I have to say it was fantastic! GM made it safe and comfortable and I left the session feeling light and peaceful. Not knowing what to expect I felt like I was somehow sent to the right place. Good experience. Comfortable setting and communication was easy. I felt good after the session. I would highly recommend AMTCT and I will be coming back for more.
  • Profile photo of Chai Poh SimChai Poh Sim on eFusion Natural Healing Workshop (20-21 May, 2017)This was an excellent workshop with practical exercises and worthwhile information that I can use in both my professional and personal life. In these 2 days workshop I not only learned the method of increase self energy but how to apply "master testing" techniques to verify the scanning results was accurate. I would enthusiastically recommend this workshop to anyone. Thank You.
  • Profile photo of KPKP on eFusion Natural Healing Workshop (20-21 May, 2017)And also i want to thank GM for having me to demonstrate the pushing exercise with 7 gor during the e fusion class, it made me realize about my ego and fear which have been hindering my progress. To be honest i haven been practicing any meditation or exercise for a long time. After the e fusion class i have been doing daily meditation and cleansing, and i haven feel this energetic for a while now !
  • Profile photo of Kim TanKim Tan on eFusion Natural Healing Workshop (20-21 May, 2017)I attended the two day E-fusion workshop over the weekend taught by GM and even though this is a resit for me, I find the I have a deeper understanding and higher level of awareness of the classes. I find that I can scan better, understand why I need to cleanse and how to cleanse, understand the chakra system and the corresponding effects on the body and the organs, how to do distant healing and not forgetting the all important physical exercises to transcend the fear and subtlely raising the kundalini. The classes conducted are very interactive and experiential. One...
  • Profile photo of KPKP on eFusion Natural Healing Workshop (20-21 May, 2017)Definitely one of the best weekends spend ! As learning how to heal we can not only heal our own self, we could also use it to heal peoples around us, to heal peoples that we care about. There is a unseen world all around us whether you agree or not it exist. Take a moment to think of this - is the world controlled by things we can see or things we can't see? That's for you to find out ! Join the class to start exploring the unseen world, you will be amaze of what you can do...
  • Profile photo of AnitaAnita on eFusion Natural Healing Workshop (20-21 May, 2017)I have attended many of GM classes and he has never failed to make it so unique. Each time in his class, I have grown in awareness, learned new methods, brought out the master with in me, where I realized that I had given it away. It was a journey of reclaiming your energy by the realization on how energy works and how you manage and be aware of it. Through GM divine teaching on "power follow thoughts and thoughts become things " – is based on reality of life we create, as simple this may sound, after attending classes...
  • Profile photo of 2222 on eFusion Natural Healing Workshop (20-21 May, 2017)Spent wonderful two days learning the art of healing and energy works. It was not just theory but had real practical experience where we could see the energy at work. A real eye opener for a lot us! It is amazing how the unsees affects our visible world. It is important we understand that to be able to deal with situations that we face in our daily lives. Great course!

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Event Schedule

Event Name: e-Fusion Natural Healing (Basic Level – Mandarin) – 28&29 July, 2018 (Weekend) – Ara Damansara, Malaysia

Event Date: 28 Jul, 2018 - 29 Jul, 2018

Event Time: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Event Location

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

D6-3-1, Block D6, Dana 1 Commercial Centre, Jalan PJU 1A/46, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, , 47301 Malaysia

This is the HQ center of AMTCT. Click here to get directions

Please book your seat if you haven't already done so. Seats are limited

Bookings are closed for this event.


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