Charity Healing in Bangkok on 1st July 2017

Master Yap doing e-Fusion therapy for a participant.

After our e-Fusion Natural Healing Basic Level on 29th & 30th June, the organizers in Thailand sent the news out for a charity healing day in their clinic. It was a good turn out despite the last minute arrangements. We were given the opportunity to help some patients there. It was also a good opportunity for our students in Thailand to have guided hands-on practice on real subjects right after the class.

Here are some of the feedback received:

“After body scan, it was exactly what problem I am now having. Good experience and interesting to come back to follow up with the treatment.” (Ms. Dream)

“I think that the medicine is quite accurate as it’s actually mention what’s inside of me. How to take care of myself, my mind. Very interested type of healing.” (Ms. Pisinee)

“Feeling very good as the facilitator is very nice and she was telling me about my condition which exactly what I am. I wish to continue the healing again.” (Ms. Patcharawat)

“I felt good. There were heat appeared but in a short while. Felt happy.” (Mrs. Rajarnsai)

“I felt the energy runs through the body to finger on left hand and to the feet. Felt the energy runs on the hands. I do the four things as Master Yap tells me to do and will wait for mercy from above.” (Mrs. Natlakon)

Asst. Shihan Moon doing a pre-therapy energy scan for the participant.

Asst. Shihan Moon explaining the scan result to one of the participants.

Shihan Lim doing healing for a participant.

Asst. Shihan Rebecca examining the energy strength of one of the participant.

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Dr. Rebecca Then is a certified Reiki Master under the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Natural System of Healing, Japan, a certified trainer for e-Fusion Natural Healing System, co-founder of Energy FengShui and a clinical hypnotherapist. Since discovering the natural modality towards physical and emotional wellness from various schools in 2005, she had devoted her time and knowledge providing natural therapy to the ill and needy. Over the years she had helped countless people who had been suffering from all types of illnesses from stress disorder to cancer, alleviating their stress, pain and discomfort through energy healing and hypnotherapy.

She is also an active humanitarian worker, actively in organizing aids to the underprivileged and free natural healing therapy sessions throughout Malaysia. She frequently conducts charity workshops in Malaysia and Thailand, where all the profit from theses workshops are being donated to the local charity organizations.
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